Cat Care on Syros Island

Nobody knows how many stray cats there are on the island, but we believe sterilisation is the major way to reduce suffering.

You will see which cats have been sterilised by their clipped ear-tip.

You might also notice that most of these cats are plump, healthy and have good glossy coats.

With the generous help of volunteers, adopters, sponsors and members, we aim to improve the lives of the stray cats of Syros, by organising neutering, feeding programmes, veterinary care and medication.

A clipped ear shows a cat has been sterilised
A clipped ear shows a cat has been sterilised

Visiting Us

You are welcome to visit our base in Kini – you’ll find us with the map below. Best time is about an hour before dusk in the evening, when we are feeding - or send us a message.

Parasite treatment for street cats
Parasite treatment for street cats

How To Help Syros Cats

Maybe you would also consider supporting us by sponsoring a cat for a small monthly amount or becoming a member of our group.

We offer postcards, lavender bags and other small gifts, in exchange for a donation. You can also find our collecting tins and postcards at Armirikia Taverna on the front in Kini and at Syros Vets.

Thank you from all the street cats of Syros.

Find Us With This Map