Adopting a Syros cat

We always have young cats and kittens that are looking for a good home. All our cats are vaccinated, parasite treated, sterilized if old enough and microchipped.

You can see details of cats needing good homes on our Facebook page, or email us with your requirements and we will send photos. If you are interested in adopting one of our rescued cats, you should be aware that although we have treated and cared for them and nursed them back to health, they may still require patience on your part, to settle into their forever home. We try to socialize our cats as much as possible, before they travel. They will all be used to using a litter tray and have had a lot of human contact, but what we can provide here is limited – the rest is over to you…

Adopt a Syros cat
Adopt a Syros cat

We want to make sure our adopters can provide suitable homes for our rescues, so we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your home and circumstances and may arrange a home visit. A minimum donation of 250 Euros applies for European adoptions, to contribute towards vaccinations, pet passport, microchip, travel escort etc. If you prefer to collect your new pet yourself, you can fly with pets, in the cabin if they and their container are under eight kilos. Hold travel is around 100 Euros. Most major airlines accept pets, but check before you book, EasyJet, Ryanair and other low-cost airlines mostly do not. We will prepare all the paperwork for you and may be able to meet you in Athens. Cats cannot travel internationally under the EU pet passport scheme until they are at least four months old and must be escorted by their owner or the owner’s designated representative.

Leaving Syros for a new home
Leaving Syros by ferry for a new home

Caution to UK residents – animals are only permitted to enter the UK by air as ‘cargo’ and with specified carriers and specific airports - expensive! Boat entry is possible with some shipping companies but usually only in a car. There are Pet couriers who provide an overland service, but complicated paperwork is required at both ends.

Some of our UK adopters have collected their cats with their cars, in Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels. It is sometimes possible to arrange an escort from Syros. The cost would depend on the number of cats travelling together and the time of year. There is now a daily minibus service for pet owners and their escorted pets from Calais railway station to Folkestone.

Do send us a message if you’d like to know more.