Sponsor a Syros Cat

We care for about sixty-five cats. Many of these are long-term residents who are too old or sick to be rehomed others are rescued kittens awaiting adoption. They often need special care, regular medication or frequent veterinary treatment. We would welcome regular sponsorship of a small donation each month to help with their expenses.

Sponsoring a Syros cat
Sponsorship helps us to provide veterinary care & medicine

This is the way it works

You choose a cat from our Facebook page of cats seeking sponsors and commit to 5, 10 or 20 Euros a month. Of course, we’re all happy if you decide to sponsor more than one cat or commit to more each month.

You set up a direct regular payment through PayPal or our Greek or UK bank accounts, putting sponsor and the cat’s name in the subject field. General sponsorship is also possible.

If you wish, we can also add you to our newsletter list, where you will receive information about our plans and progress. We will also send you an invitation to join the specialist Facebook group we have for sponsors, volunteers and members. We try to post regularly about all our sponsored cats, but if you haven’t heard about your cat for a while, send us a message and we’ll take a current photo and post it for you. And it goes without saying, that we always reserve a special welcome for sponsors who choose to visit us personally at Syros Cats in Kini.

Adopting a Syros cat
As a sponsor, you get regular updates on your sponsor cat and what they’ve been up to!

Example costs:

  • 5 Euros a month will provide ongoing simple medication for one cat
  • 10 Euros a month will provide soft food for a cat with dental problems, who has trouble chewing cat biscuit
  • 20 Euros a month will provide food, cat litter and antibiotics for one of our needy residents
Helping the Syros cat project
If you visit us, we’ll be more than happy to introduce you to your sponsor cat and give you a tour!